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Your Telluride mountain experts

Lindsey Greer

Telluride Local Expert
Lindsey was raised in the outdoors of small town Michigan. Of the many sports she played growing up, she decided to continue her softball career through college. Upon completion of her associates degree, she decided what she really wanted to do was travel to a new place and took a job as a Kids Camp Counselor in Telluride. From there, she planned several trips including solo traveling through the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, car camping and hiking around the country of Iceland, and backpacking the Dingle Peninsula of Ireland. Today, she resides in Telluride working as a Guide for San Juan Outdoor Adventures.Lindsey spends her off-seasons skiing, climbing, and traveling with her fiancé, Christopher. She has always loved writing, especially of the outdoors and is currently writing her first book!

Larry Hoffer


Originally from Canada, Larry has made Colorado his adopted home for most of his adult life. Larry takes full advantage of the mountain lifestyle as an avid skier, mountain biker, and hiker. You can often find Larry sneaking off for a long lunch to hit the trail on his bike or take his dog, Maple, on an alpine adventure. He is an evangelist when it comes to the Colorado lifestyle, and is excited to share his knowledge with those who visit his favorite place!


Christopher Brock

Christopher grew up in Southern Texas, frequently visiting Monterrey, Mexico to see family. He moved to Denver to study film and photography and explore the Colorado Rockies. After visiting Telluride on a road trip with a close friend, he decided to move in pursuit of skiing and climbing. On his off seasons he traveled from his Subaru Outback seeking classic western climbs such as The Grand Teton of Wyoming, Mt. Whitney of California, and Castleton Tower of Utah. Chris has lived in Wyoming and Montana but always returns to the steep, jagged peaks of Telluride, Colorado. Christopher is bilingual, speaking fluently in Spanish and English. He has spent recent years as a Mountain Guide for San Juan Outdoor Adventures and traveling the world in pursuit of skiing, climbing, and the simple joys. He is also a creative and co-owner of the outdoor film company, The Sport of Life. 

Jessica Milloy

An avid skier and rock climber, Jess loves the mountains and everything they have to offer. She loves enjoying the apres-ski culture almost as much as she loves to ski, and loves exploring Telluride's nightlife. She's happy to share her favorite secret spots with you!

Ann Daman

Vacation Specialist

Ann grew up in the ski industry. Her parents founded Daman-Nelson Travel, one of the first ski tour operators in the country. She strapped on her first pair of skis at 3 years old and spent the years since traveling to all the major ski destinations in Western US and Canada. In the summer, she's an avid equestrian. Being in the travel industry for so many years has given her a unique opportunity to travel the world. Second only to traveling herself, Ann loves helping people plan that perfect vacation so that they can make great memories themselves.