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Best Spas and Treatments

January 19, 2018

I think pretty much everyone wants the same thing when they're done with a hard day on the slopes, and that's a relaxing night at the spa. But what are the best spa's in Telluride? For Mountain Village, that's probably going to be the Spa at The Peaks Hotel. With an enormous pool that spans from inside to out, as well as multiple hot tubs, this place has it all. A steam room and a sauna as well to really help with the cold air and the altitude, as well as massages or other necessary spa treatments. 

indoor-pool peaks.jpg

Indoor pools that would make the Romans proud

In town there are several options. For ski-in ski-out luxury, Atmosphere is located only footsteps away from the runs and the base of the Gondola. Here, they offer it all. From skin care and muscle care to energy work and nails. Their massages range from Swedish or relaxation massages to deep tissue sports massage. They offer hot stone therapy as well, which utilizes hot basalt stones to help relieve stiff or sore muscles. But what is energy work? Well Atmosphere also offers therapy's such as oxygen for anyone suffering from altitude as well as energetic and non-invasive facelifts to rejuvenate the whole body. 

atmosphere spa.jpg

The atmosphere at Atmosphere is unmatched

Another stellar option in town is the Healthy Glow Day Spa. Karen offers it all and has been getting consistent 5-star reviews since she opened in 1994. She does eyebrows and waxes, can get you ready for your big wedding, and of course oxygen therapy as well. If hair removal is your thing, not only does she specialize in waxes but offers Electrolysis as well. While other methods of hair removal are much quicker, none offers the 100% permenant hair removal that Electrolysis does. Karen was trained in the UK and has over 25 years of spa expertise. Her spa in Telluride is a one room studio as to avoid the "Conveyor-belt like experience" that most other spas may have. Without a doubt, no matter who you choose, you're guaranteed a relaxing afternoon or day. 

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