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Best Summer Activities for Kids Ages 8-14

August 20, 2019

Rock Climbing

     Rock climbing is a great way to experience the San Juan Mountains! It is like the indoor climbing walls but the way you get up is completely unique to you. Rather than having colorful holds to navigate your way, you must grab onto solid rock or stand on just the toe of your rubber shoe.
     For any kids first time, try a kids camp with Telluride Academy or San Juan Outdoor Adventures. They get the experience while having fun and playing games with other kids their age. For older or experienced kiddos try a privately guided trip with a local guide service; San Juan Outdoor Adventures or Mountain Trip. On a privately guided trip, there are more options as to where they can go as well as the one on one attention from an experienced, professional guide. For an all around experience, book the entire family for a ½ day rock climbing trip so you can try it too!

Hike to Cornet Creek Waterfall

     There are several hikes to do in Telluride varying in difficulty and length. I am sure you have heard of the popular short hikes such as Bear Creek, Jude Wiebe, and Bridal Veil Waterfall. All are easy to moderate, short, and must-do hikes. After many years of guiding kiddos in Telluride, however, I can tell you that Cornet Creek is still one of my favorites.
     Enjoy the red rock and adventurous trail up to the base of the fall where you can relax and enjoy a snack or lunch. Kids love this one because they can play in the river and even WALK BEHIND THE WATERFALL. Find a reddish orange rock, get it wet, and scratch onto another wet rock (this will make “Indian paint” which kids can use as face and body paint to pass the time). After hanging out for a bit, head back into town and enjoy an ice cream at La Cocina De Luz (they make it themselves!).

Capture the Flag with Eco Adventures

     Every Friday, Eco Adventures, in Mountain Village, runs a day of Capture the Flag at Town Park. The kids are split into two teams and must try to sneak their way through the trees and to the opposing team’s flag without being tagged and sent to jail. They will enjoy lunch by the Lower Bear Creek Falls and in the end be challenged to a fun round of Counselors vs. Kids. Your kids will be begging you to go every Friday of your trip.

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