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Embrace Spring Skiing in Telluride

February 7, 2024

Think ski season ends when the winter weather does? Think again! In Telluride, spring skiing is the hidden gem of the season. Few people know that magic unfolds when the weather warms. Make your dreams of empty ski slopes, uncarved ski slopes, and serene nature come true this spring in Telluride. Hear the mountains calling? Come to Telluride! 


What’s So Special About Spring Skiing? 

As winter fades away, the mountains are born anew. The air grows warm, the snow gets soft, and the sun paints everything gold. But that doesn’t mean that the quality of the skiing goes down! In the spring, you’ll get to enjoy a whole new skiing experience with lots of features that you’re sure to love, including the spring’s signature “corn snow.” 

Thanks to the melt-freeze cycle, you get to ski in new snow textures, such as “corn snow.” Corn snow is some of the best snow for carving turns. This makes every run exhilarating!

You can monitor the conditions on the slopes using https://opensnow.com/ 

You’ll love the warm weather and the otherworldly atmosphere. Who knows- maybe spring will become your go-to time for skiing! 


Spring Skiing in Telluride

Telluride’s weather is gorgeous in the spring. The sunshine is unbelievable! What’s even better is that the sun doesn’t interrupt the skiing. Most days, you can expect corn snow, with occasional icy patches in the early mornings or late afternoons. While the snowpack can be variable, the resort's high altitude, snowmaking capacity, and snow grooming usually allows it to maintain good conditions and stay open until at least mid-April. 

Spring is also a tranquil time to ski- particularly if you’re used to the crowds and chaos of peak season! You’ll find that the ski slopes are quieter and calmer than you’re used to. The lift lines are short, and the distractions are limited. There does tend to be a spike in activity around spring break, when families and college students come to town on vacation, but for the majority of the season, there’s ample space to spread out. You can relax and enjoy your favorite runs with ease! 

Be sure to take some time to enjoy the attractions off of the slopes! There are lots of awesome activities available around Telluride in the spring. You can hike or bike scenic trails, take a relaxing soak in the hot springs, explore the shops in the charming village, or indulge in a rejuvenating spa treatment while you’re in town! 


Spring Events 

Many ski resorts host special spring events and festivals, adding to the fun of spring skiing! You can expect live music, pond skims, costume contests, and plenty of good vibes. 

A few of the most popular events include…

  • Snow Sounds (Thursdays through April): join Mountain Village on Fridays from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. in Conference Center Plaza for free live music
  • Telluride Comedy Festival (February 15-18): laugh along with comedians such as Nick Kroll , Rob Huebel, Brian Huskey, Rebecca Kohler, Jason Mantzoukas, Joe Mande, Seth Morris, Hannah Pilkes, and Paul Scheer at the 24th Telluride Comedy Festival
  • Telluride Fringe Festival (March 7-17): check out this brand new performance art festival that presents a variety of art existing “on the fringe” 

For more upcoming events at Telluride, visit: https://www.telluride.com/festivals-events/events/ 

Don’t miss out on the spring goodness in Telluride! Make your plans to hit the slopes before the end of the ski season.

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