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Favorite Family Hikes in Telluride

June 16, 2019

Summer in Telluride is breathtaking. Every view. Every angle. Every day. Some of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Telluride is to hike the trails that meander around (and above) the gorgeous town. While there are plenty of intermediate and advanced hikes for the avid hiker, some of my favorite hikes are done with my tiny tikes.

Read below for three of my favorite family-friendly hikes.

River Trail to the Valley Floor
I like this hike because it can be accessed from almost anywhere in town next to the San Miguel River.  Another bonus is the trail is mostly flat and mellow for all ages/abilities to enjoy.  Even the less-enthused hikers will enjoy the ease and beauty of this trail.  For folks that would like a longer walk, head west to the Valley Floor Trail, or east to connect with the Idarado Legacy Trail.  This trail has interpretive signs educating hikers of Telluride’s mining days.  The trail will end at the end of the box canyon with Ajax and Telluride peaks in perfect view.

The Ridge Trail
This trail is located in the Mountain Village.  It is an intermediate trail, however the 2-mile trail offers two options.  For a kid-friendly route, ride the gondola to Station St. Sophia and explore the Nature Center.  Kids (and adults) will enjoy the scenery of the Nature Center.  After exploring around, hike Ridge Trail back down to the Mountain Village.  If people are looking for a more intermediate trail, start the hike in Mountain Village and hike up to Station St. Sophia. Options to continue hiking to higher altitude on See Forever offers incredible views.  For anyone who is tired or ready to be done hiking, hop back on the gondola to get back to the base area.  This hike offers options for everyone.

Cornet Creek
The reward of a stunning waterfall is what entices hikers to enjoy Cornet Creek. This half-mile route takes about an hour round trip (out and back hike).  It begins at the end of North Aspen Street in Telluride.  Due to a steep hillside to potentially scramble up, this trail is better suited for older kids and teenagers. Follow sounds of the waterfall, and suddenly the trail will have people in awe and wonder of the magnificent burst of water that comes out of Cornet Falls. Late Spring and early summer offer the heaviest water flow, while in the winter it can be mostly frozen trickle.

Grab your hiking shoes, water, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, snacks and a raincoat (just in case a passing shower comes in), and enjoy the beauty of Telluride by foot.


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