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Prep List for Ski Season

September 4, 2018

Summer time is ending fast and the leaves are starting to change.  The cooler evenings are reminding many people that winter will be here before we know it.   Soon we hope to be in waist deep powder and have endless days of fun on the mountain. But before the true ski season arrives, there are a few things to get in line before you head out on the mountain for your epic winter vacation.

  1. Assess the gear you havefooter-skiier

You do not need to buy completely new gear each winter season, as nice as that sounds, but do make sure your gear is winter ready.  Take your skis or board to the shop to get tuned before the winter starts. Preparing ahead of time will really save you a headache when you get down to the wire when getting ready for the upcoming ski season.  Make sure your equipment is safe and buy yourself and your loved ones a helmet if you do not already own one. Plus, this time of the year is a great time to buy new equipment if need be. Tons of places have huge sales on gear, and if you are planning on taking the little ones all winter long, consider seasonal rentals.  Your kids are growing so fast, buying each year can get very costly. However, many places offer seasonal rentals which could be a great money saving option.

  1.   Find lift ticket dealsski

This time of the year is a great time to buy tickets and season passes.  I know it seems so far in advance, but planning ahead can really save you and your family tons on lift tickets.  This time of the year season pass buying might be an option as well. There might be discounts you can take advantage of as well.  There are often discounts for kids, students, and military. Make sure to shop around to see what your best options will be. Also think about how many days you plan on skiing.  A season pass might sound pricey, but if you take into account how much a single day pass can be, a season pass might be the best option.

  1.  Think about taking a lesson

Unless you are a seasoned veteran on the mountain and are an avid skier, think about taking a lesson.  Group lessons can be a great way to enjoy the mountain and really improve your skiing and boarding skills.  Plus, do keep in mind that just because you know how to ski or board well does not mean at all that you have the ability to teach someone how to do it as well.  Instructors are trained on how to teach people the way of the mountain. It takes the pressure off of you, and it actually brings the student into a much more fun and enjoyable learning environment.  Plus, if you are skiing with someone that is a very different level than you, getting them enrolled in lessons will benefit everyone. Even if you are an experienced skier or boarder, if this is your first time at a new resort, sometimes getting a lesson is great just to have an instructor show you around the mountain.  

4. Best way to get ready for skiing

Honestly, the best way to prepare for the ski season is to simply go skiing.  Get out as often as possible. That burn you get from skiing and boarding is just a great reminder that skiing is a great workout.  Skiing really works your body in a way that cannot really be replicated in the gym or running or any other sport. Skiing works you all over, and that burning sensation comes with the territory.  So gear up, pray for snow, and get ready to feel the burn. Ski season will be here before you know it.

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