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Telluride Art Gallery Guide

July 24, 2018

Telluride is an amazing mountain town rich in history and beauty.  One way to take in the beauty in the area is to stop into one of the several galleries in the area.  There are a few galleries that have some amazing artists and maybe you will find something that really catches your eye.  These galleries are full of great pieces and really are special.Closeup of paintbrush in woman hands mixing paints on palette

One gallery located off of East Colorado Avenue is the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art.  This gallery is considered an contemporary gallery featuring artists in hopes of connecting art lovers with art. Currently the exhibition on display is that of Ed Moses.  He is a painter from southern California who works mostly in acrylic paints and is said to be a postwar abstract painter.  His work for the exhibition called Ed Moses: Master of Crazy Wisdom will be featured from July 18th to August 23rd.   You can also enjoy other works by a variety of different artists with an eclectic showcase that will surely entice all different people. 

Another great place to visit while in Telluride is the Lustre Gallery.  This gallery is home to art that is both for home and body.  Here they have a variety of artists inspired by nature that make pieces for the home as well as to be worn.  One of the artists that is featured here is Ulla Darni.  She is an artist that paints beautiful glass pieces for the home.  Her pieces use amazing bright colors and her art would make any great addition to a home.  Another great artist in this gallery is Emily Armenta.  She makes jewelry that combines different metals and stones to create beautiful works of art. Armenta is influenced by Iberian scenery and art found throughout Spain.  If you are looking for a great time to visit this gallery, think of coming the first Thursday of each month.  On this day artists come to the gallery for a meet and greet session.  Learn about the artists and enjoy the evening. Happy couple hanging picture on the wall at home

Coming to any mountain town and exploring the shops and galleries that are around, you are bound to find a gallery full of beautiful images of nature.  Taking home a gorgeous image of the place you have visited is a great way to remember your time in Telluride.  If finding this type of art is your quest while here, look no further than the Naturescapes Gallery.  David Malmedal is the photographer at this gallery and he has been taking nature pictures since 1995.  Malmedal grew up in Colorado and has always loved the true beauty this state has to offer.  Originally taking his art with him traveling from one art show to the next, he eventually settled into the gallery space in Telluride off of Colorado Avenue.  His work displays the true exquisite nature of Colorado. 

Telluride has a variety of different galleries to enjoy all sorts of artists.  There are galleries that feature different styles, media, and artists that will truly delight.  Come enjoy the art and special exhibitions while in town exploring. 

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