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Telluride is Your Gateway to Winter Magic

November 20, 2023

Winter's icy embrace begins to transform the landscape, and within the hearts of skiers and snowboarders worldwide, a wave of excitement surges forth. November's arrival signals the start of a season where snow-kissed slopes beckon them with open arms, fresh tracks await their artistic touch, and the invigorating rush of speed becomes their winter anthem. Have you made plans to visit Telluride for the 2023-2024 ski season? If not, then you should take this as your sign to book your trip!


The start of ski season is always special. For many, the start of the season conjures feelings of magic and adventure. It offers an escape from the daily grind and an opportunity to reconnect with the wilderness. Ski resorts, adorned with festive decorations and bustling with eager skiers, come alive with the promise of exhilarating runs and unforgettable experiences. There’s nothing like the crisp mountain air and the sight of snow-capped peaks- particularly when these sensations are enjoyed right before your first run!

Ski Season is Quickly Approaching

Telluride Ski Resort is expected to kick off the 2023-2024 ski season on Saturday, December 2, 2023! The opening day celebration will offer plenty to do both on and off the mountain. The details haven’t been revealed yet, but we’re sure it will be an unforgettable party. 

Ski season 2023-2024 is expected to be one for the ages. Ski conditions are looking excellent so far, thanks to a variety of cold snaps and the resort’s expert grooming. Even as I’m writing this post, snow is falling over Telluride, turning the whole town white! The ski slopes are looking even better, with steady snowfall and building snowpack. Grooming will help get the slopes into tip-top shape. Ski conditions will continue to improve as the season progresses. We can’t wait to see how things look on opening day! 


Get to Know Telluride

Telluride is a ski resort known for many things, ranging from its charming main street to its challenging terrain. The resort features over 2,000 acres of skiable terrain and some world-renowned expert-only runs. Not skiing at an expert level yet? Don’t worry! With 120 different runs, there’s something for everyone. Telluride is home to a variety of additional winter activities, including dog sledding, fat biking, horseback riding, and ice climbing. 

Don't Forget to Buy Your Epic Pass

Hoping to ski inTelluride this winter? Buy your Epic Pass before prices go up on November 19, 2023! An Epic Pass is your ticket to some of the most incredible skiing and snowboarding available, covering 40 locations all around the world. You’ll want to purchase yours in advance if you’re planning on hitting the slopes in Telluride this ski season. 

Plan your winter ski trip to Telluride before it is too late! We’ll see you there!

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