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Treat or Treat? Where to Get Your Sweet Tooth Fix in Telluride

October 13, 2019

I take pride in keeping a healthy diet, straying from fast food and constantly upping the number of salads I eat. But with that said, I do have a sweet tooth. It is my weakness and always has been. Chocolate, ice cream, cookies, you name it. 

If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to check out some sort of candy or ice cream shop in every town you visit. For Telluride, I’ve made your cravings easy with this list of quick and tasty sweet shops around town. And what better time than Halloween? The question is not whether to trick or treat, but rather, which treat?


Telluride Truffle:


Local. Rich. Delicious. 

Telluride Truffles has something for every

one. Truffles with Tequila, Kalula, or Caramel. Ones with nuts and ones without. White chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark. Smooth and creamy ice cream. Pecan clusters, and more. Step in for an aromatic experience and full palate of flavors.


La Cocina De Luz Ice Cream

Handmade Ice Cream. Daily. 

La Cocina De Luz, (known to locals simply as La Cocina), is an authentic mexican restaurant serving indoors and out. They mix up unique flavors of ice cream daily with some of their most popular being “Vegan Coconut”, “Passionfruit, Blood Orange & Guava”, and “Strawberry Jam”. A must do when visiting, Halloween or not.


Dylan’s Candy

The Kid in the Candy Store Feeling.

Dylan’s Candy store is located in Mountain Village and will satisfy your kids and even your own kid heart. Check out an assortment of candies from when you were a kid or today’s new treats. You can fill a bag with your own mixture of favorite candies or as I like to do, a bag of jelly beans to play “what flavor is it?”. After, warm up next to the Mountain Village Fireplace or play a game of giant checkers, giant connect four, and corn hole open to the public in the lawn next to Dylan’s Candy.

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