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Whitewater activities near Telluride

May 23, 2016
As the temperatures are rising and the snow melt fills up the rivers the fun in the water begins. Whether looking for an adventure to remember or an alternative way to enjoy the peaceful mountain views  Telluride has the perfect activities to offer for any age and skill level.  
Whitewater rafting / Kayaking is a great way to experience the mountain during the summer months. The views of the high peaks of the San Juan Mountains and the red canyons that the river beds are unconquerable. Telluride Outside offers 1/2 day trips starting just thirty minutes downstream from Telluride at Specie Creek. This route runs for 9 miles to the Beaver Creek river access and features class II-III- whitewater, ideal for beginning and intermediate rafters, families and groups of mixed ability. Telluride Outside also has a III+ class 1/2 day trip starting near Deep Creek, just 6 miles downstream from Telluride that runs approximately 12 miles west just below Placerville. At typical flows, this is more intense whitewater than the lower run, with long sections of constant class III rapids and occasional class III+ whitewater. They also offer full day trips such as the one trough Norwood Canyon, wich takes you on a 19.5 miles advanture through the beautiful canyon. 
Mild to Wild Rafting is another.
One day of fun on the river is rarely enough. Mild to Wild Rafting promises unforgettable 2 and 3 day trips on the San Miguel River. Reffered to as "a trip of a life time" this rafting experience unveils the serene beauty surrounding the narrow, fast paced of the San Miguel River. Amazing rafting with constant Class II and intermittent Class III rapids during the day and 5 star camping and campfire fun at night will leave you begging for more.
Stand up Paddle Boarding is a perfect water activity for those seeking relaxation but it can still be turned into an adventure if you take your board into the whitewater rapids of the San Miguel River. Before you do you'll want to give it a try on still water, Alta Lakes, Woods Lake or the Down Valley Park offer flatwater SUP options. A few places that will help you get started with SUP in Telluride include BootDoctors, Further Adventures, Paragon, and Jagged Edge.

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