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Forbes Has 5 More Reasons to Ski Telluride This Winter

February 10, 2020

Forbes, which previously named Telluride one of the  best ski resorts in the world, in continues to heap the praise on our favorite ski town with their most recent article. Forbes has 5 new great reasons to ski Telluride this winter, and we've got to say, we couldn't agree more. Forbes has previously praised Telluride's unbeaten distribution of fantastic terrain for every level of skier, but this focuses on some of the newer area additions. We've summed up our top point below, but for more in-depth coverage, check out Forbes' article here and then come out and see for yourself this Spring Break!

Easier to Get to Than Ever

With Denver Air Connection's new direct flights from Denver into Telluride's airport, it's now quicker to get to Telluride from Denver than to any of the ski resorts off of the major highways closer to the metro area. A 40-minute flight plus a 10-minute ride gets you into town and ready to ski. Denver Air Connection code shares and baggage shares with United, so you can book one-stop tickets from most of the US. Worried about Telluride's finicky weather? Don't be. Denver Air Connection automatically reroutes Montrose, the closest large airport to Telluride at 90 minutes away, and has you covered with a shuttle into town so your plans won't be ruined.

Great Food at All Price Points

While most resorts have great fine dining options, the choices for those on a budget or simply looking for a more casual meal can feel disappointing at other places. Not so in Telluride. Telluride's Steamie's has been voted the best burger in Colorado, Oak has incredible BBQ at a casual price, and options like Brown Dog Pizza and Tacos del Gnar aren't just "great for a ski resort" they are actually GREAT.
Those looking for something special won't have to look far either. Eliza Gavin's 221 South Oak is not just a great restaurant, but a culinary experience, with their 12-course instructional cooking demo and wine pairing every Friday during ski season. Newcomer The National has also made an impression, with great cocktails, small plates, and inventive dishes, all in an intimate setting.

Skiing Beyond the Resort

As we've addressed here, Telluride has the unique option for day heliskiing trips through well-respected outfitter Helitrax. Possibly the most convenient heliskiing operation in the country, their helipad leaves directly from Telluride to take you to their exclusive national forest terrain where the only tracks you will see all day are yours. This option is fantastic because instead of investing considerable effort into a remote heliski trip where you may do all your traveling only to get weathered out, if your day trip is cancelled due to weather, you can just ski the resort and move your heli-ski trip to the next day.
Helitrax also offers a great program for those who are first-timers and may want a little more preparation. They can have their guide take you on two days of resort skiing to work on skills you may need, and then on the third day and put those skills to use!

Put Your Epic Pass to Good Use

With 7 free days for Epic Pass holders, Telluride is the perfect spot to make your investment feel more worthwhile. While other resorts may start to feel a bit crowded on the weekends with the proliferation of season pass holders, Telluride's location all but guarantees a more relaxed and less populated mountain.

Read Forbes' comprehensive list here. Ready to come to Telluride? We would love to help you. Check out our lodging and services options in the top menu, we're here to help you have an amazing trip!

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